Original UV Artwork from India

Hand painted onto silk substitute material, these have then been professionaly framed with backing fabric for ultimate UV effect on a solid wooden frame with corner supports.

Fantastic florescent art work during the day then under UV light these paintings realy come to life.

  • Elfs 152cm x 86cm
  • Tiger Woman 155cm x 91cm
  • Mushroom Party 152cm x 99cm
  • Smoking Rasta 93cm x 65cm
  • Sadu Smoking Chillum 93cm x 65cm
  • Giant Pixie 135cm x 194cm
  • Gothic 153cm x 180cm

Each image is shown on this page once, in full, under natural light and once, in detail, under UV light.

Giant Pixie & Gothic come on a profesionaly made folding wooden frame, this is supported by 4 hinges and also has 3 bolts with wing nuts that are attached when hanging on wall for added support.

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