Ruby encrusted headset - top cap and two spacers

Top cap encrusted with 8 high quality rubies, each Hope spacer is encrusted with 7 rubies, a total of 22 rubies.

These bespoke hand made items have been crafted using a stepped drilling technique in order to retain the strength.

As a hobby I collect precious gems and stones from all over the world including jewellery. I have been trained to set precious gems into unusual items giving me the idea for these 'bling' bike accessories.

These items are supplied in a handmade wooden box with satin finish. The items can be sold separately in individual boxes (as illustrated).


Tsunamidave guarantees the rubies used in these products are genuine and of a high quality.

Whilst these products are presented in a decorative format, they are designed to be fully functional.

Purchase this item through my eBay store.

These grips are also available at The Bike Factory, Chester