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Dave Trainer

TsunamiDave.com was born following experiences gained in India during and after the devastating Tsunami of 2004.

In 2004 David Trainer was cycling along the west coast of India from Goa to Kerala. Christmas came and went, when news began to surface about a terrible natural disaster affecting the East and South India.

Anxious to see whether he could help in the recovery Dave headed east, arriving in Chennai and then Mahamilpar. His life was changed forever. Surrounded by devastation on an enormous scale, he decided to assist the local community on one particular project: repairing the temple. This met a significant spiritual need for the community and this task was to be the first task of many, which gave birth to TsunamiDave.

David Trainer has been an avid cyclist for a number of decades, with a keen eye for adventure and travel. TsunamiDave has cycled throughout South America, Europe, India, Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Clocking up the miles in the saddle has provided many interesting adventures and enabled him to gain a wide and varied knowledge of bicycles. This knowledge has been tested on many occasions through the years and led to the continued search for quality bikes and components.

TsunamiDave finally settled on a design of bike - a bike of perfection - which is available for you to own on TsunamiDave.com's bike section.