Thank You

In 2010 Tsunami Dave returned to the village of Manumi to help finish the Ganesh temple they were building. This time he acquired the services of a local man from the village called Gura. Initially Gura had worked as an electrician but along with the local cricket club, the R.M.C.C, work progressed nicely.

Due to the fact that Tsunami Dave was self-funding his projects and the financial circumstances around the world were becoming difficult, Tsunami Dave cast his net wider drawing on contacts from within India and the U.K. Tsunami Dave received help from the people who own and run Greenwoods Guesthouse in Mamallapuram and King Kabs Private Hire in Chester, U.K. Without the investment and assistance from these companies, the work of Tsunami Dave might have ceased to be.

Tsunami Dave would like to thank the owners of King Kab Private Hire who gave a donation of £200 which was also invested in the projects. With the assistance from the various organisations and the funds provided for the projects, the second temple was completed in March 2010.

The grand opening of this temple was held on the day before I flew back to UK. I was advised that the temple would not only be used for religious celebrations but also for the local community as a night school and community centre.

I would like to pay special thanks to the people who helped me, the real Samaritans of the Tsunami. Balaji Naludu and his wife, a fantastic man who gave a lot of his time and money to help others. The owners of Greenwoods Guest House and Resort, for their exceptional generosity to myself and large donations to others.

The chief elder of Savalankuppam who had faith in me and trusted me to rebuild their amazing temple, Bala Guru from Manami who had only a dream of building a temple, but with strong spirit and good will succeeded in building a temple from nothing!

Thanks to King Kabs for letting me have time off and the donation they made that helped to open the temple in 2010.

And finally, the people of the village of Salavankuppam and also the people of Mamami village.